make it borderless.
Our mission is simple.
Just making the world borderless.

Development and innovation of technology has made the world much smaller.
We can go to the other side of the globe within 24 hours.
We can communicate with friends and family far away in real-time.
We can send out information out in to the world by just one click.
We can spend our lives without consideration to time and place.

But still, we live in a world with borders.
Countries, religion, culture, and ideology.

In order for us to make the world borderless,
we will roll out new services with new values.
To provide services that enable all people to receive happiness in their every location.
of the box
We doubt all common sense.
Common sense is the result of precedentism and assumptions. By freeing ourselves from common sense, we can create new values that no one has ever created before.
"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.." (Albert Einstein)
We will continue to think and create voluntarily, with each member acting as a leader. We will not be stuck in our roles but will recognize what is required to achieve our goals and show our best performance.
We will work together with our colleagues to achieve our big dreams.
We will not only help each other but also share knowledge and skills among our members, and actively work to improve our team's capabilities for contributing to customers and society.
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” (African proverb)
the border
We transcend national, racial, religious, cultural, ideological, gender, age, and other borders, acknowledge diverse values, and deliver happiness to all people.
Company Name yathar Pte. Ltd.
Establishment date April 2018
number of employees 38 (Jan, 2022)
Address [yathar Pte. Ltd.]
Singapore Head Office
8 Wilkie Road #03-01, Wilkie Edge Singapore 228095

Bangkok Office
Room No.201, Loco Building, 39 Sukhumvit Rd, Phra Khanong Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

[yathar Myanmar Co.,Ltd.]
Yangon Office
No.119/121, 8th floor, Room No. 704/8D, Yone Phyu Lay Condo, Anawrahta Road, Between 49th street and 50th street, Pazundaung Township, Yangon

Mandalay Office
No 224, 4th floor, 31 street, Between 84 x 85 street, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay
Pre series A investment.
Owned media "yathar Magazine" Release.
Opened Mandalay Branch.
Advertising and SNS consulting service "yathar Media" Release.
Received the "Top 50 Tech Companies Award" Selected by InterCon2019.
Series A investment.
Beauty Platform "yathar Beauty" Release.
Business alliance with Myanmar food delivery service "Hi-So".
System, Web development, Cloud infrastructure construction "yathar Tech" Release.
Myanmar market research service "yathar Research",
Myanmar market entry support service "yathar Consulting" Release.
Medical platform "yathar Medical" release.
Open data "yathar OpenDataPlatform" release.
Community space "yathar Base" release.
Self-ordering "yathar SmartOrder" release.
Cloud POS "yathar POS" release.
Started business in Indonesia and Thailand.
For hotels platform "yathar Hotels" release.
Board members
Shunsuke Ichikawa | yathar

Shunsuke Ichikawa - Managing Director / CEO

Traveled as a backpacker in dozens of countries around the world in the wake of having studied cultural anthropology (mainly Thailand) at university.
After that, felt great possibility for the Internet industry and joined GMO Internet.
At this company, participates in launching an internet infrastructure business in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand.
After retirement, established yathar.

Hikaru Uchiyama | yathar

Hikaru Uchiyama - Director / CTO

After graduating from university, joined GMO Internet, inc in 2007.
The charge of Domain, Hosting, Cloud, Block Chain, Crypt Currency, Overseas Business.
After, To devised a gourmet platform "yathar" using AI, developed all mobile applications, web applications, backend, and the around systems.
Director and CTO, yathar Myanmar since 2018; Director and CTO, yathar Pte since 2020; Project Manager, Digital Agency of Japan Government since 2021; Digital General Advisor, Ministry of Justice.

	Jack - Kyaw Khine | yathar

Jack@Kyaw Khine - General Manager

Bachelor of Arts in Myanmar, Diploma in Marketing.
Gain through experience from "Earth group", Assistant Marketing Manager of "Global World Insurance Co., Ltd.", Business Development Manager of "MyJobs", reached current position.
From launching of ‘yathar”, oversee our all business comprehensively with overwhelming management capabilities.